Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So I did go to the stores today. But I was restrained. Very restrained. At least compared to other shopping trips!

I bought a couple books, as usual. But I found a 1977 book of Sufi Essays that is proving to be cool. On top of it are two glass whale paper weights. It is in front of My Man Godfrey on DVD. I love William Powell so much.

And can you see that stupid cute bag! It's like made for the Beach-Bingo I am going to in two weeks. After that, we'll see how much it holds. It's just silly enough to carry full time. And I have crafty plans for the salt shakers and the ties. The mug is so cool. It doesn't have any decoration on the outside, just the inside. Think it's for rings. And the flour container isn't old, it's a new one from Michael's. But it's still cool.

And these. What can I say. I love the little silly things.

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