Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The $40 Anniversary!

This year for our anniversary we bought furniture.

I bought him this 5foot long pew. It has a hinged top for hymn storage, but we put blankets in it. I cleaned it up and re-stained it, but the lighting in my hall is horrible and I am so not moving that thing again. Ugh. I humped this thing home one morning when the hubby was sleeping. And then had to carry it up 2 flights of stairs by myself. I did drop it once. I was carrying it over my head and got halfway up the stairs....and I lost it completely. Guess who didn't wake up?

We really needed to organize our craft room. So the hubby got me this beautiful dry sink. Why oh why do we buy furniture while living on the 2nd floor? We had to bring that up one stair at a time. We picked up some new hardware for it after we were able to stand up straight again. After we vacuumed the cobwebs off of it, I loaded it up with our cool stuff and BAM! Craft room done!

We only spent $40 each. But I think we finished our apartment. And man does it all look cool.

Happy Anniversary Honey!

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