Monday, January 7, 2013

Didn't buy....

I am trying to thrift better! I know that that maybe should mean stop going? Buuuuuut that is not happening. So I guess I take pictures and you can all tell me I was an idiot for leaving bit behind.

First up is this cute planter. I have no idea what she is really supposed to be. I am thinking I should always pick up stuff with least ceramics. But the weird grapes print thing had me leave her behind.

And then we have this small wall plaque. He's kinda malformed and the toes are just odd... Over detailed toes and absolutely no hands had him staying on the shelf, but the sentiment is timeless!

How has your thrifting been going this year?


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  2. I'm saving up for an out-of-the-country travel on October which means less trips to thrift stores! huhuhu!!!

    Anyways, weird wall plaque indeed Trudy! LOL! ^◡^

    P.S. Hi Trudy! I just made a post about your awesome hand-made skull necklace. You can check it out. ^◡^