Sunday, December 2, 2012

pretty bowls and snoopy

EEEEE! Blue Pyrex! I really like this color. It goes well with my kitchen. I have red walls and a blue counter-top. (I rent, can't change much) But they go so nice with my counters. And it's a surprisingly workable combination of colors. I wouldn't have put it together for myself, but it's not bad.

With cookie season fast approaching, I can always use another bowl. I like to work in really big batches and always have something cooking. So if I have just finished the chocolate chip cookies, I try and have a bowl of oatmeal cookie batter ready to go. I find all the cookies that cook at the same temp and prepare them all at once so I only have to preheat the oven once.

The olive container is for my mom. It matches the colors of the store very well.

The other guys don't have to match anything. The owl is a bit smaller version of a bookend I already have. But who doesn't need more owls? And the Snoopy!

So cute. I love Snoopy to death. I grew up reading the comic books. I always love the baseball games. They really made it look fun. Since I just can't stand real baseball...I have a Snoopy! I think I'll put a santa hat on him for the holiday season.

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