Saturday, November 17, 2012

Summer Colors for Colder Times

These two skirts are going to be turned over to a friend who quilts. She has been looking for some cheap but interesting backing fabrics for a project she's been working on. The colors are right for one of the quilts. She's going to have to find something else for the other darker one. 

The yellow canister is just really summery. I'm sticking it in the attic until next year. My kitchen is red and blue. If I collect yellow accessories this year, I can make my summer much cheerier. 


  1. Your friend is lucky she has you to search out such pretty fabric. I see why you couldn't resist that bright yellow-even this time of year....

  2. I have been going through a yellow phase're right - it's so cheery! Not very wintery, but oh well. It makes me happy. I love that fabric, too!