Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mid Century Candle Holders, Pyrex and Turkeys

I took a few days off from thrifting. I have been fighting a cold for a couple weeks. I decided to spend a couple days in bed and just get it over with. I took Thursday and Friday off and slept most of Saturday as well. I still feel a little achy, but I am 90% better. Which is great, because I couldn't stay away from the thrifts today!

I love candle holders. These taper holders are really cool. They look mid-century to me, but I have no idea. I think that they are going to look great with some garland and bells wrapped around them for Christmas.

And these awesome turkeys! They are all over a really cute apron. I have lots of things to make for Thanksgiving, so this will probably get a bunch of use this year!

And this is my most favorite find. The color does not go with my kitchen. At all. Not even close. But I really love it. It seems to be one of those holiday patterns, so I don't think there is any more to it. But I think it's my favorite pattern of all time.

Happy to be better. Wouldn't want to have missed that bowl!

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