Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gyula Zilzer Sighting

I was at a thrift store today. I decided to go look at the auction items. I saw an interesting painting that was going for $60. What caught my eye was the signature.

No, I didn't recognize the name, I just noticed that it was actual paint, not a print and a real signature. So I took a picture of it, just so I could look it up.

So I did.

Here is my picture:

The auction listing with the artist's name spelled out. Very helpful.

This is the link to, well, strangely, the exact same item. 

Except it is in Costa Rica. 

I am slightly disturbed by that. Because the one I saw today looked like the real thing. Not a print. I was pretty close.

So, I like the painting. Not anywhere near enough to bid on it. Am I nuts to pass up what could be a blockbuster item?

Or am I smart, because there is just something wrong with the fact it's on sale in two places at once?

*And since I just got an email back from that seller, it's still available, and ready, READY to ship.


  1. that is weird! do u suppose he did two of those? yaiks!

    1. I don't know, but now that guys email address won't work. Really weird.