Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fish Jonah could ride in

So I love when I find things that all fit a theme. I want to redecorate my bathroom. I don't want to repaint, I love my sage green and cream. I just want to get some of the shells out and replace them with some whales and fish and mermaids.

I have a teeny brass whale in there already, and a blown glass clear whale, but him I want to move. So I am in need of some more really cool fish.

Well, was anyway.

This guy was actually holding cotton balls. I took them all out, who needs 30 year old cotton balls?

And this brown and happy fellow is a bank. You can sort of see that there is writing on his side. It says, A Whale Of A Bank. He's just adorable.

See his big mouth? Cotton balls. Cotton balls!

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