Monday, August 13, 2012

A disappointment and a good find

I'm milk-free. I choose not to eat milk products because if I do, I feel terrible. It's as simple as that.

And it sucks the big one.

So I tried this vegan cheese I found at the grocery store. I was so excited. I always am. And I am always disappointed. I keep trying, but I don't know why. The taste was mediocre, but it said it would melt. Er. My grilled cheese was a disaster. It melted to the bread, but not to itself. I put two slices on and once it was hot, the sides just fell apart. Yuck.

Had a spot of luck thrifting to make up for it. Those shoes are real suede in fabulous condition. Looks like they've never been worn. I love my big red beads and Terry Pratchett is just one of my favorite authors. So awesome!

Kinda makes up for the funky cheese...but well, I love to read and all, but I miss the hell out of cheese.

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  1. love terry pratchett too! ive never heard of that book :) sorry abt the vegan cheese :(