Saturday, June 23, 2012

When you know more than the Dr....

I have a problem with my foot. I have been having pain in the ball of my foot since last July. I had xrays taken which showed nothing. The doctor said it was probably a hairline fracture that wouldn't show up and it would just take time to heal.

Um, yeah. How long does it take a fracture to heal anyways?!!

I did some thinking. I did some reading. I didn't really start to put the pieces together until my foot had started to feel much better. Then, one day, I was just sitting and watching some TV, when the pain in my foot became so great, so suddenly, that I shouted.

That's not something a fracture does. I've had those. I've also had that kind of sudden pain. I get arthritis flares in my hands. 

So I went to the doctor's office and asked a few questions, had a few tests done and when the results came back, I found out I was right. 

It's a sad this when you have to tell the Dr. to check for something and you end up being right. I have gout

This lovely box will hold my pills. I hope to feel better soon.

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  1. Hi Trudy, and ouch***
    It's good you have the courage to be your own health advocate. I constantly have to figure things out to help my doctor(s) with my many health issues. I'm so sorry your diagnosis is gout; my brother has it. I've seen how painful it can get. FYI, in the beginning, juice from the dark Bing Cherry helped him alot with the pain. It's been several years now and though it still helps, not quite as much. I hope you find things that will help give you comfort.
    I'm back from vacation and Frugal Treasures Tuesday is back up so feel free to share your link. Take care . . .