Friday, June 29, 2012

Enamelware and Uranium Glass

Omg, Omg, Omg! I lurve salt cellars! I keep earring backs in them, teeny little things. Necklaces, rings....I would love to have one for each ring. Set up in a beautiful row on top of my dresser. Maybe filled with sand or something for a really pretty presentation. Of course, the sand would get all over, and I'd probably knock them over. But I'd still love them all. 

I really like the enamelware pitcher too. I have a taller red one that I keep flowers in, but this is so wide-mouthed, that I may really use it as a pitcher.

And with all my decorative ideas for these, they will probably really hold salt. I'm a flavored sea salt kind of person. If you have never experienced flavored salts, you need to go out and do that as soon as possible. I mean it. Stop reading and go find some.

It's revolutionized the way I cook. It's like adding a great scarf to an outfit. You don't really need it unless it's cold out, but it can be the difference between bland and awesome. These guys are awesome.

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