Saturday, April 14, 2012

A pale green

I was so happy to pick up more of these candle holders. I have almost 10 of them now I think.

The Bottles are wonderful, but I need a bottle brush to get the dust out of the bottoms of them! The not quite bottle like thing is actually a glass salt shaker. The top is glass as well. That is unusual, as they are usually plastic or metal.

The plate is so beautiful. The celery color is accented by gold detailing. I bought it to break up, but I might turn this one into a wall hanging. I've seen some good things done with modge podge and photos.


  1. You scored with those! I love candle holders! Have you seen where you turn one into a cute plate stand? I made one with a dessert plate & it's really cute for a few cookies or fudge. Your salt shakers used to hold your sign tags was very clever!!! You are really creative! :0) Have a great day!

  2. Aw, that sounds like a great idea! These are destined for wineglasses. But I'm sure I'll find others around! Thank you for following me!

  3. hi trudy! i am ur newest follower :) thank you for following me too :) i've been looking for bottles like the ones u have :) i think they are just lovely :)

  4. The plate is just beautiful! Perfect color.