Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweets and stuff for the big game!

I made a bunch of good food for the Super Bowl. I thought I'd show them off on thrifted serving platters from the past. I've put the links to the recipes under their pictures.

These are Fudge Babies. The recipe says that these should be sticky right out of food processor. Mine were not. They were crumbly. More like a topping than a ball. I used about a quarter cup of agave syrup to hold them together. The author of these recipes did say that she used a different kind of dates than I did. Maybe mine were more dry. 

Either way, all the kids at the party went nuts for them. I'll take that as a thumbs up for this recipe. Served on my Snowflake Corelle plate. It has gone with me from party to party this year. Usually under cookies.


Another thumbs up is this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough dip. The recipe is wonderful. But...In her picture of the finished dip, it's very nice and domed and pretty. Mine turned out runny. I left out the oil, and the milk and made a second batch. Then I mixed the two together to get the perfect consistency. It would probably have been fine if I had used some nut butter, but one of the kids at the party is allergic to almonds and peanuts, so it can be a challenge to make the right thing. But even the mom's liked this one.

Served in my Pampered Chef serveware with graham crackers.

And I've made this before. Spicy Sausage dip. It's was a hit last time too. I had enough to take home with me and I've been using it as sandwich filler. It works great for that too.

Served in my Pamered Chef mini stoneware baker.

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