Saturday, February 11, 2012

I left these behind

I left these all behind me today. I wanted them. But I only have a little apartment and it's already full of crap. So I took some pictures to remind me of what I passed up.

I have been seeing many posts relating to cup and platter sets like these lately. One woman posted pictures of a luncheon she hosted. She used some nice clear cut glass ones to serve salad and a cup of soup. But I don't host luncheons. I barely go to the trouble to put salad on a plate when I eat it. I usually open the bag and fold down the edges and stir dressing right in. It's easy to take to work that way.

But these Pyrex had to stay at the store for the same reason. I just won't use them. I might use the casserole, but not the cinderella dish. But then the casserole doesn't have a lid. So what good is that? I have the same cinderella dish in Crazy Daisy. I haven't used it once in six months. I should probably sell it.

But then I wouldn't have it anymore....

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