Monday, January 2, 2012

The Best Sales of the Year

60% off. That's what I found when I went out to the store on friday morning. I have been working hard and thought that I needed some time with my thrift stores....

Two jobs is a hassle, but the money is good. Buying from the thrift store is always a wonderfully frugal shopping experience, but 60% off makes it almost too good to be true.

But as the sale was only limited to Christmas things, I limited my purchases to that category. And only the things that I thought would make a nice present, or addition to a present for next years gift giving. I think it worked out pretty well.

One of my coworkers is a big coffee lover, so that mug in the back and some gourmet coffee are hers next year. She doesn't know about this blog, so it should stay a surprise.

I love the stone-type decorations. The bowl in the first picture is made of that stuff and so is the snowman with the star cut-outs. The angel is a tin holder with a candle in it and the snowman head is a trinket box. Both those are going to my mother-in-law I think.

My favorite find is the elf I think. I really love everything in this picture. The nesting bowls are just so cute and I already have a place picked out for the poinsettia to go next year. I might give them away, but I might keep them too. The elf is the best though. I work for a dentist. She never finds neat dentist related things, so this should just make her day.

And for less than six dollars, I picked up these two candle holders. They are Lenox. Yes they are. Score!

I hope everyone had a great New Year!

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