Sunday, November 20, 2011

Goldilocks seems to have gone...

Goldilocks would be sure to find a chair she liked if she came to my place this week. I picked them up for part of my mom's christmas gift. My dad is probably going to kill me. He wants all the chairs to go away. *pffft!*

They make her happy. If I found a gift that makes him happy I'd buy him a bunch of whatever it was too.
And I'm going to hang this over my craft station to remind me that spring will come again. And I will be warm and cozy once more.

I wish we had money to buy heating oil. We have enough to pay for electric bills. So we bundle up in 3 sweaters and some thick socks. And then we turn on a mini desk space heater and sit right next to it.

But it's cheaper.

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