Monday, October 31, 2011

Slow week

This has been a very slow week. I have nothing to report on the thrifting front. On the making front, I have been busy.

I am making a bench to go in my, well, mudroom as it were. I cut down this ugly bench I had and sanded it this morning. Tomorrow I plan to re-upholster it. Then I need to find a large scale stencil for the back and paint it and slap that thing together with a few screws and I'll be done!

I also drilled holes in all my glass shades this weekend to start on my windchimes. I'm planning on giving one to my sister in law for christmas this year. I have to start cutting strings and beading the hanging pieces. Then I can put those together too.

And I fried marbles! Baked actually. I made some nice bead caps for them and the glue is drying now. I plan to wear one tomorrow.

So slow for thrifting, busy as hell for all else.


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