Friday, July 22, 2011


My mom was thrilled to get the grapes plate, it fits perfectly into an empty spot she has in her store. I just have to get her a plate stand for it.

Do you see that awesome jaguar picture? It is so awesome that I can't even tell you. And some reflecting balls, 2 candle holders, very cute brass cats....oooo, and that brass vessel! I've seen many that shape, but they have all been obviously trinkety souvenirs, complete with town or country carved onto the sides. I think that it is going to be perfectly sized for some essential oil I need to keep in my kitchen.

The towel bar is for bracelets. It works great and saves space. Great for apartment living.

I also picked up some more little salt and pepper shakers. More photo holders on the way.

Happiness is always finding what you need. And finding it cheaper and cooler than you that is a Thriftscore.

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